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The 'A' Word
By: Dawn B., Roncalli Central High, Port Saunders, NF

Most women claim, "I have a choice". I would like to ask them, "A choice for what?". Why are we (meaning people against abortion) always referred to as "ANTI-abortionists"? We should be looked at as "Pro-LIFE,” people who disagree with murder. Those that are for abortion are referred to as "Pro-choice". In my opinion they should be referred to as “Pro- DEATH”. They are making a choice to commit murder.

If we want to abort something/someone then why don't we move the abortion age to age two. It would be a lot easier. I sure know a number of parents who are looking for ways to discipline their toddlers (wink wink). Well, while we're at it, what’s the problem with moving the age to abort to 18? I mean, teenagers (being one myself) really can be a pain in the butt for their parents. For example: ("Johnny, one more time, and I'm gonna abort you.")...("Teacher, teacher, why isn't Johnny at school today?")("Well kids, Johnny got aborted last night, he forgot to do his homework.").

Seriously, I believe abortion is murder. No one, not even the mother, has the right to take life away from an unborn child. We are all creatures of God and should have the chance to live.

"The result of human procreation, from the first moment of its existence, must be guaranteed that unconditional respect which is morally due to the human being in his or her totality and unity as body and spirit." Pope John Paul II: The Gospel of Life, article 60.

Abortion is seriously immoral. It is in the same moral category as killing an innocent adult human being. Abortion is something I feel VERY strongly about. I believe that the Lord is pro-life! I believe sincerely that life begins at conception. Therefore, I will refer to the unborn child as a baby, not a fetus. It is an individual little child. A life already forming its own personality inside the womb--a separate being from its mother.

There are many situations that a woman can become pregnant. Be it the mother's choice to have sex or not, the baby had NO SAY in the matter and should not be put to death for someone else's actions. Abortion is wrong. No matter what situation the mother is in. If the baby is unexpected, there are thousands-- millions--of couples who are waiting and longing to adopt a baby! It is pure selfishness, cowardice and irresponsibility, nothing more, to abort a baby.

This country needs to get her morals on track. When someone thinks that murder is a 'CHOICE', we have severe problems. I know abortion is the murder of an innocent life, who has no hope for survival but those of us who are living.

Personally, I really don't think there is a good excuse for abortion. However you say it, or view it, you are killing a human being which is God's creation. God is the only one who can “lawfully” take a life. We seem to believe that if we have a good enough excuse for ourselves that this is justification for what we are doing. Basically, abortion is murder. Just because society agrees with abortion, doesn’t make it right. God said thou shall not kill. Who has more authority than God? Not me and not you! God holds us accountable for our actions, actions some people hold accountable because society agrees with it. Unfortunately, society won't be the one to judge us when we go to the hereafter. I really think people should take a close look at their actions and consider the consequences that they will have to face as a result.

Life is a gift. You should never kill a child. For those who are in agreement with abortion, aren’t you glad your parents were not?

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