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Teens vs. Parents
By: Jennifer N., Bishops Collegiate, St. John's, NF

As teenagers we have our own opinions and beliefs. Some of our beliefs and opinions are instilled in us by our parents. We listen to our parents and trust them but they don't always make sense to us. They say one thing and mean something else or ask you to do something and want you to do something else.

Did your parents ever make you so mad that you freaked out at them? Or have you ever had an argument with your parents hours long? Or even ran away because of something one of your parents said? Well, if you have even if it was over something stupid like a party or over an outfit that you wanted to wear, I think I might have a few tips for you! These will help you keep your cool, not lose your head and keep you from regretting what you said later.

1. The first thing that I recommend is that you find some quiet place where you can think things through before you go completely off your head and say things you don't mean.

2. Make sure when you go to this place, you go ALONE!
(Don't let anyone else make you say something you don=t want to)

3. If you are in an intense argument and can't go to your quiet place, close your eyes and just start counting until you think of something constructive to say.

4. Try to understand what the other person is feeling.

5. And most of all don't yell, it never helps anything. It only makes things more complicated.

These tips can be used by both parents and teenagers. If everyone stops fighting and yelling and attempts to understand and help each other I think the world will be a better place, and everyone will much happier.

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