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Our New School
By: Leah M., Crescent Collegiate, Blaketown, NF

On September 5th 2000, Crescent Collegiate opened it's doors for the first time. Over eight hundred students and over fifty staff members were enrolled into this new educational experience.

Before the school had even opened, most everyone had the same impression. This will be one of the biggest changes that we, as students, would have to go through. The transition was strange at first.

Before attending this new school, I had already made my decision to hate, even the idea, of it. I was happy enough with our old school. How could it live up to the expectations of all involved.

Yes, the halls are way too crowded between classes, and yes, the teacher's lounge is a luxury to the students who even get a glimpse of it. But, the new programs and the new people that we have learned to get along with would have never been possible in our old schools.

So, with the year mostly finished, I can honestly say that this school did not only live up to expectations, it has been a life experience that I will not soon forget.

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