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Stand Up for What you Believe In!
By: Karen B., Grade 11, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, MB

Stockwell Day may be down, but he's not out, at least not in the mind of Darren Heide. The students at Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler, Manitoba recently elected Darren the new Student Council President.

Darren decided to run for Student Council President because he thinks he can make a difference. His plans for the next year include addressing the limited parking space in the student parking lot and boosting school spirits by setting up a store that will sell Zodiac Wear (the Zodiacs are the school sports teams), school supplies, etc.

Darren spent a week in Ottawa at Forum For Young Canadians this spring. "Forum is a week of learning about our country and its leaders, about the machinery of government and about what it means to be Canadian" ( Forum was incorporated in 1975.

Darren says he "loves politics" and gained a new appreciation for the French language through his experience at Forum. He also says, "Forum taught me how to be more of a leader." He is debating pursuing a career in politics, because he believes "we need more Christians in politics."

While in Ottawa, Darren observed the politicians closely and it made him wonder, "What are we trying to do here? Run a country, or run each other down?" Darren admires Stockwell Day for standing up for what he believes. Even though his party is falling apart, Day holds to his strong beliefs. Darren says, "If I were to become a politician, I'd want to be just like Stockwell Day."

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