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Parents Have To Realize...
By: Nadine W., Crescent Collegiate, Blaketown, NF

A lot of teenagers today do drugs, drink and smoke. There are also a lot who are having sexual intercourse.

But not all kids are doing these things. This is something both parents and society have to realize. A lot of parents don't trust their kids, because they are afraid they are at that stuff, but not all of them are.

Adults seem to think all kids are bad and at things they shouldn't be doing. Now, don't get me wrong. There are some parents who do trust there kids. And there are a lot who believe kids are aren't bad.

All that I am saying is that for all those adults out there who think teenagers are bad influences and are generally bad people, then I am here to tell you, all of us aren't!

And for those people who say that younger people have nothing else to do but to do drugs, drink, smoke, and sleep around, then they are wrong! We do have other things to be at! School activities, being with our friends. For those kids that are at those things, it's their decision.

Remember teenagers do have other things they are involved in. So try not to use stereotypes to describe kids. Remember, every person is an individual and makes their own choices.

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