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What's the Big Deal with Napster?
By: Tara, Crescent Collegiate, Blaketown, NF

What is the big deal with Napster? I don't see a problem downloading songs for nothing. I actually think it's pretty good. There was a controversy a little while ago with Metallica against Napster. Metallica said they were getting ripped off by Napster because of people downloading their songs.

Metallica also said they were losing out on all the profits they could have been making from selling their CD's because people could download for free from Napster. When you think about it they are still making money. Just look at all the money they rake in at concerts. Selling tickets and merchandise at the concerts alone bring in a nice profit.

Most all of my friends have Napster and they download songs before they get the CD. If they like the few songs they have downloaded, then they get the CD. But what if the songs they downloaded were the only songs on the CD that they liked? Is that so bad? Also, when you look at it, artists don't make very much money off one CD. My teacher told me they only get a small profit off it because the rest of the profit goes to the stores and to the recording companies for producing the CD's.

I think if Metallica wanted to kick up a fuss about people "taking" their music instead of buying it then I think they should complain to people that work at radio stations and places where their music is played. If people wanted their music that bad all they had to so is tape it off the radio. Some people don't have the internet or a computer for that matter so they tape off a song. There is nothing said to radio stations about people ripping artists off. Do artists even think of that?

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