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The Stress of Graduating
By: Jennifer N., Bishops Collegiate, St. John's, NF

There are many stresses involved in the whole process of graduation. I think, for girls, the biggest stress is finding a dress (that fits!). Then it's finding a date (if your not already taken, of course). The fact that your graduating in the first place and the only thing you've known your whole life is about to end, is a stress in itself.

I attended my high school graduation recently and had a great time. However, before it came I was stressed out beyond belief. I had to get my dress altered and wasn't able to find anyone to do it for me until the week before the grad. I was so afraid that it wouldn't be ready in time. Also, your hair is a big stress. You want to make sure you like what is being done to it. Make-up, pictures and jewelry is also a big thing but it is not as big of a deal. The big thing that I can say most everyone (that's single) thinks about is finding a date. When a slow song comes on, everyone wants to have someone to dance with and someone to share this special occasion with you.

Another thing that you may have to worry about is how you and your friends will get to the grad. Some people get limos and, some go in old cars (like myself!) and, some go in regular cars. It is quite a problem because sometimes things can go wrong ( you have to book a limo WAY in advance, or the car could breakdown the night before the grad!!!)

There may be many things that go wrong before hand that give you stress including the costs associated with attending the grad and grad pictures. But once you get there with all your friends and everyone is so beautiful , you forget all about those troubles. You have a great time at the grad and the after party.

It is a night you will never forget..............I know I won't!

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