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Say What?
By: Amanda L., Westgate Collegiate, Thunder Bay, ON

Did you ever notice that the best conversations are the ones that donít make sense? I stumbled upon this conclusion when my friends and I were getting really worked up arguing over a little insignificant thing. We laughed about it afterwards though.

I mean seriously when was the last time youíve had fun or even remember a conversation, letís say for example, about how to do your chemistry homework? You donít because it doesnít interest you! Average people donít like talking about complicated things like that because its usually dull and boring to them. When we as humans are forced to learn something new it just doesnít seem to want stick in our heads very well. I guess it almost like a subconscious rebellion in your mind.

Sure an intelligent conversation can be great, but what can be more memorable than discussing what exactly is in Micky Dís Chicken McNuggets with a couple of your closest friends? Or what about trying to figure out how they get the cream filling into things. Oh yes, these are the conversations, sad but true, that will stick with us forever.

Thinking back on how you actually got on that topic is something else that is interesting for you to figure out as well. I mean it is amazing on how fast talking about what you ate for lunch can lead into god knows what.

Having heated debates with your friends over things like what the date is can also be amusing. Arguing over stupid things like that can make some of the best conversations youíll ever have in your life.

Even this article is useless yammering but youíre still reading it, arenít you? So what is the point to my babble? The point is this: Humans are simple creatures. No matter how much technology we have or how smart we think we are we will always be amused over the stupidest things.

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