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By: Heidi H. and Remona M.,Prince of Wales Collegiate, St. John's, NF

Stop Thinking! Relaxation Eases Stress Symptoms

Everybody deals with stress no matter who you are; young or old, married or single, widowed or divorced! It's just that some people don't know how to deal with it or for some reason are not equipped to handle stresses. It's strange but it seems some people stress over the slightest thing while others take on huge amounts and seem to thrive on it! Although it's human nature to make a big deal out of a small thing, we can all learn how to manage and cope better with stress. One saying in particular very aptly puts it: "Don't sweat the small stuff".

We have all felt the anxiety, confusion, anger, and sadness of stress. But what really causes it? Sometimes we may not be able to pin point the causes, but many times we can. It could be caused by deadlines with work, negative people, bad relationships, peer pressure related to drugs and alcohol, and when making decisions (ex: sticking to your beliefs) etc. Making decisions is a part of life, but decisions are important and very difficult to make at our age. They basically determined our future. Some times we find it difficult to deal with stress because we haven't gotten enough sleep or eaten properly. Now after listing all of these causes of stress, how do we deal with it?

The first answer that comes to some peoples' minds is drinking and drugs. They don't want to face their problems. That is not the best decision you could make and only makes things harder to cope with. Your problems haven't disappeared! However, there are many positive ways of dealing with stress. They include:

1. Spending time alone to reflect on things from your own perspective.

2. Taking a few seconds out of everyday to breath properly. It may sound stupid but it's very helpful and makes a big difference.

3. Talking to true friends about how you feel so they can help you see the positive side of the situation

4. Sweating out your problems is great for both your body and mind, so don't forget to exercise. And finally,

5. Sleep and eat properly. You can cope much better when you are well rested and not hungry.

You may have other ways of relieving stress and I'm sure I haven't mentioned them all. There are even a few good websites that have relaxing exercises and ideas. If you want to help yourself or someone else cope with stress, you can check out this website: So next time in Math, don't forget to get up and impress your class with these new exercises!

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