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by Maryanne G., Grade 6, St. Anne's Elementary School, Peterborough, ON

Many people do not forgive. I would like to tell about the experiences I did but they forgave me. They are: being in a fight with my best friend, being ditched, disagreement with a parent and hurting my brother.

Best friend-fight
I have been in a fight with my friend Kate. We were going down a deep hill. Kate was on the bike, I was on the skateboard. when we got down the hill we stopped. We were fighting over the bike. First, I said it was my bike, I should get it. She said, "that's not fair". We were yelling at each other. Then Kate's sister, Ann, said "Stop fighting.Just be best friends". Kate said Ann was right. "Let's be best friends again, no more fighting. So we can go to my house and play some more".

I have been hurt by two of my friends. They came over to my house. We were very hot and we went to my neighbor Roy's house, so we could go swimming in his pool. I feel they used me. They went to someone's house so they ditched me. Luckily, Ann stayed with me. We were very sad. I was hurt. It really hurt me to see my two best friends ditch me like that. Lucky for me, I had Ann to help me through this. She helped me forgive.

Disagreement with parents
I have talked back to my parents. I do not want to, but it comes out. I said a bad name. My parents grounded me for two weeks. I was very mad. I wrote a letter to them, gave them a hug and said "Sorry mom, I did not mean to say that bad word to you". So my mom forgave me.

Forgiveness is very good in life. If you have a family member who hasn't forgiven you it hurts very much. If someone hurts you so bad you have to forgive that person because it is in your heart to forgive everyone. If you forgive you can love again. After all, loving makes the world go around.

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