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What is candy?
by Sarah Mc., Grade 6, St. Anne's Elementary School, Peterborough, ON

What is candy?
Candy. What is candy? Is it a holiday? Is it a treat? Or is it just a sugar bomb that rots teeth, forms cankers, and is really sour? Do parents really know what they're getting their kids into by just saying "yes"?

The difference between sour and sweet
Candy used to be sweet, but face it folks, now it's SOUR!! Sweet fruity Skittles have now been dunked into a pool full of sour! Good, maybe? Dangerous? YA!! The companies don't care whether it's sweet or even if it's dangerous, if the kids will eat it, the companies will make it!

How much is too much candy?
Candy is a very popular thing these days, and kids aren't noticing it, but while they're eating all that candy, they're pulling themselves into a dangerous trap. Kids don't care what it is as long as it's candy. Kids are eating too much of it, and too much can lead to sickness. Kids should eat about four candies a week if they don't want to give it up!

My favourite candies
My favourite candies are Gobstoppers and Lick 'N' Dip candy. Gobstoppers are a hard candy thathave different flavours and colors as people suck on them. Lick 'N' Dip is a pink or blue stick that you dip into different powders, and then after you can eat the stick. Against all my better judgements, these candies have got me hooked! They are so addictive! The tingling feeling of sour skittles melting in my mouth is irresistible!!! But take my word for it, once you start you'll be as addicted as I am!!

Natural candy
What is natural candy? Is it jube-jubes? Is it gummy bears? Or is it the healthy candy like raisins, and honey, and dried fruits? If you said raisins, honey and dried fruits you were right! Kids should be eating those three things more than other candy that isn't as good for you. Try to stay away from sweet and sour candy and try to eat more natural candies. Especially stay away from stove candy that can burn your tongue within minutes!

Candy and the law
Candy tends to bring out the worst in people. Why, do you ask? Because candy can lead to bad things, bad things like breaking the law. Each year thousands of kids walk into convenience stores and don't have the money to pay for the candy, so they steal it. Or, they'll even steal money from other kids to buy candy at the store. The thing is all these things lead to the law. Some kids even have to deal with the police because they steal the candy. STOP. Take my advice, DON'T STEAL CANDY!!

My decision
So what is candy? Well to me it's a good and bad thing. I think that kids should try and stay away from it. I also think that companies should care more about kids than candy. I've decided to try and buy candy that isn't dangerous, and to always eat it in the company of someone. Listen to me and make the right choice. Don't become addicted to candy!!

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