Kids Can Understand Technology Too

By: Jennifer Wu, SNN Reporter
Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, NF

Scraps of paper litter the gymnasium floor and the tiny people scurry to pick them up, anticipating their next fun-filled activity. During the Hook, Line & Net 2000 Conference, Stem-Net has provided a Kids Camp. Kids Camp is a day camp for kids to learn about computers and technology.

On June 28th,2000, supervisor Chris Mills taught the kids about airplane structures. To provide a more hands-on learning experience, he asked the kids to fold paper airplanes for an ‘Airplane Flying Contest' in the gym. During the activity, the kids threw their airplanes in turn, laughing as their airplanes crashed or swirled or just wouldn't go! At the end of the game, Chris Mills talked to the kids about the structure of Matthew Powell's winning airplane and the aspects which make an airplane better.

View a clip of Kids Camp

As soon as the airplanes were picked up, Heather King, another Kids Camp participant, introduced a game called ‘Doctor Dodge Ball.' The kids split up into two teams and played a few games.

The kids spent a while in the gym and left in high spirits, anticipating the next activities lined up for them. At the end of Kids Camp, the kids will leave after having learned just a little more about technology and computers, and after interacting with other kids, they will develop into a more sociable person with a higher confidence level. Kids camp will help to mold the children into better people who have a knowledge of, and the skills for, basic technology and computers.