The Internet: Hooked on Graphics

By: Jennifer Wu, SNN Reporter
Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, NF

"Graphics... create a visual environment (on the web)." This statement by David Stokes, webmaster for Schoolnet News Network (, rings true when we look at the ever-growing world of the Internet.

On June 27th, 2000, webmasters David Stokes and Kelly Wilkins(webmaster for Communities @ CA, held an informative, well-organized three and a half hour long in-service during the Hook, Line & Net Conference.

To kick off the in-service, the two webmasters introduced three types of image files: BMP (bitmaps), GIFS (text or art), and JPG (photographs). They also offered advice regarding quality print files, quality on-screen photos, and file sizes.

Using the application Adobe Photoshop, David Stokes and Kelly Wilkins manipulated and created various images to produce useful graphics.

Despite the few technical difficulties (such as slow computers and troublesome files which refuse to open), together, the duo presented to the registered participants simple Adobe basics by showing what each Adobe's many tools are used for. Gradually, as the participants learned more and more, they moved into another part of the presentation focusing on layers, retouching and yet more tools.

As the participants began to ‘get a feel' for Adobe and how it operated, the group experimented with ‘Special Effects Exercises' on a more independent level of working. With each person seated at their own individual computers, they worked through directions in order to create web buttons and more.

Why go through all the trouble to create graphics? As David Stokes and Kelly Wilkins agreed, graphics on the web present a visual feel, is much easier to see rather than read, and is much more convenient for keeping your attention. That's understandable, but it also arises yet another question: why make your own graphics when you can just copy someone else's? In Kelly and David's opinion, copyright issues get in the way and it is much more original to incorporate your own photos. How else would a webmaster be able to claim rightful ownership of a graphic?

Most people would be bored to have to endure text-only webpages, therefore web graphics make sense. The internet, and people are hooked on graphics, and being hooked on graphics works for us.