Global Student.Com: The Way the Web Should be

By: Kristel Brown, SNN Reporter
Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, NF

Jason and Krista Trask, husband and wife, work together as a team and has recently produced a new project called Global The company is rapidly growing and has hired 12 employees in the past year. As a means of credibility they are planning to have a professor from Berkeley or Stanford on their board of directors for their company. "Basically this is a web community for North America", says Jason Trask "This project can direct and teach students as well as teachers."

View a clip of Jason and Krista Trask's presentation

One of the major components of their company is online collaboration. It enables students to distribute their personal work such as, poems, essays, and stories, on the world wide web. This is also a site where students, teachers, or parents can share or transfer ideas. Students can obtain homework or notes that teachers can post online. Students like this idea because it allows for them to get notes that may have been missed. The online collaboration can now be accessed on wireless devices, for example students can obtain homework using cell phones.

Krista Trask discussed living and learning in the digital world. The use of technology can close the gap between rural and urban areas. One way this is done is through the easy communication and learning opportunities using Global . Some of these opportunities are, learning music lessons online, networking teachers, note taking, and distribution of personal projects. Global are in partnership with various companies. One of their goals is to partner with various educational teams. They are willing to partner with non- profit organizations as well as schools.

The Trasks encourage students to be innovative and try new technologies themselves. Jason Trask said, "You should allow for unstructured learning and experimentation. It is an absolute necessary."

Their site, will be launched in August for universities or high schools, and in January for junior high. This site is educational, informative and fun. Jason and Krista Trask are a Newfoundland team who are preparing students for the future.