Dreamweaver: Making Your Webpage Dreams Reality

By: Erika Lavers, SNN Reporter
Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, NF

Dreamweaver is a software program that allows just about everyone to create their own personal webpage without having to know about Html codes. Participants of this inservice took part in the building of their own webpage using Dreamweaver. While Chris Spurvey, the speaker of this inservice, explained how to create the web page using Dreamweaver, the participants completed the steps and created their webpage.

The people partaking in the inservice got to experience the program through a hands on point of view of Dreamweaver, thus helping them to better understand the program. For those people who would not have the opportunity to take part in an inservice such as this one you can purchase this program for approximately $300 and this program is accompanied by a very detailed tutorial by which you can learn how to operate the program.

Chris Spurvey says that he would recommend this product over other competition because of the fact that the program doesn't add any extra html code like competition does. In other words it doesn't act like a robot, it will not do something that you do not tell it to do. For those people who are not really concerned about the extra code, Chris also said that everything is at your fingertips, nothing that you need to use is hidden deep inside the program. Insert bars are floating on screen avoiding the hassle of finding the insert tabs.

This product is a great one because of the fact that it can be used by anyone with any level of computer knowledge from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Chris said, " I've been using Dreamweaver for four (4) years and find it by far, the superior product on the market."

To see some Dreamweaver sites visit www.johnson.ca or www.canadianebusiness.com

All in all I think this product will sell great on the market and be a huge assistance for people building their own webpages.