Dotto's Delivery: Keynote Speaker- Hook, Line & Net 2000

By: Jennifer Wu, SNN Reporter
Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, NF

The dynamic sounds of Drover's Big Band reverberated throughout the expansive gym of Clarenville Middle School on June 27th, 2000 as the restless crowd waited for the 7pm reception to begin. The tunes immediately set the mood, putting the crowd at ease as they anticipated keynote speaker Steve Dotto to get up and strut his stuff, enlightening the flock of attendants with the technology today in the world. The Clarenville-based band skillfully played a few songs and ended off with a beautifully sung ‘Oh Canada'. After formal introductions by sponsors and STEM-Net staff, Steve Dotto stepped up front, full of humourous antics to last the night. The night was early and the show has begun.

View a clip of an interview with Keynote Speaker, Steve Dotto

Steve Dotto is the star of his own TV shows, ‘Dotto on Data' and ‘Dotto's Data Café', which teach and explore various aspects of technology. Steve Dotto not only believes that, "Technology's stocks and growth has fueled the economy of today," but technology has a big impact on our lives today. As Steve Dotto explained, technology enables the physically challenged to still associate with the outside world through video conferencing, chat lines, E-mail and other means. Online photo indexes, provided by companies such as London Drugs, permit parents and grandparents to view their film simply by entering a code number on the London Drugs Home-Page ( Steve Dotto loves this new-found way of service, logically because now, "Grandma can pay for her own ... pictures!"

While the newer generations are caught up in the technological twist, the older generations are strongly opinionated, believing that "they don't need the technology." However, now, seniors are spending more and more time on computers and the Internet. Steve Dotto reported tales of how his father claimed not to need computers, and yet is still spending hour upon hour online, developing his ‘genealogy web' and checking his E-mail.

Steve Dotto is thrilled with the fresh new innovative gadgets being put out. While he is pleased with his many ‘toys', such as his palm pilot and his WAP technology, he says his real thrill comes out of how these machines work, and seeing his four kids (ages 15, 14, 11 and 2) working with technology. Despite all this, Steve Dotto is concerned with people turning to technology rather than turning to people. One of his top concerns revolves around computers in school. Once when he was asked to donate money to his children's school to get more computer equipment, he refused. The reason for this is one of moral values and beliefs on the part of Steve Dotto. He hates seeing the computer labs getting money while music and art labs get none. He believes in creating the ‘whole' student.

The presentation/conversation was a great success due to the wonderful hosts, the co-operative audience and the quirky guest speaker. Not to mention the social banquet where food was provided, questions were answered, autographs were rewarded and technology was learned and understood.