Framed, July 7-11, 2003

Thursday, July 10th Activities

Team Communications
In the morning all team members gathered at CBC Radio to begin their radio story. Student Remzi Cej of Holy Heart assisted the team. Remzi has been involved with radio for the past three years and is a member of last year's Framed Communications Team. The team began by developing their story idea and outline....then it was off to gather sounds and interviews for their piece.

In addition to doing their radio piece, the team gathered photos and bios on participants and mentors as well as filing their Wednesday diary.

Team TV
Team TV finished up their filming and began post-production. The team members and mentors looked at their raw footage to decide which pieces they would use in the final production - certainly one of the most difficult parts of film making began.

Team Radio
The radio team continued recording their script. Team members were learning the importance of projecting that in their voice. Post-production began in the afternoon.