Framed, July 7-11, 2003


Sylina Jones
School: Holy Heart
Likes: Movies, reading, music, friends, crafts
Dislikes: Intolerant people, smoking
Favourite Movie: Labyrinth
Quote: "Reality is merely an illusion, abeit a very persistent one" Albert Einstein


Kenny Hammond
School: Prince of Wales Collegiate
Hobbies: Theatre, video games, writing, shopping for bookshelves
Aspirations: Degree in business, history
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Movies: Requiem for a Dream, Pi Rear Window

Natasha Snow
School: Booth Memorial
Dislikes: Ignorant, rude people; green peas
Favourite Colour: Yellow, red and orange
Hero: “Parents are helpful...”
Quote: "Everything happens for a reason."

Lisa Smart
School: Booth Memorial (Favourite subject: Theatre Arts)
Dislikes: Spagetti, judgemental people and PDA
Favourite Music: Simon and Garfunkle and Cat Stevens
Views on the World: “We know too much or know nothing at all”
Quote: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained".

Michael Downey
(playing the role of Dr. Sigmund Freud)
School: Booth Memorial
Hobbies: Collecting comics and making amateur videos.
Aspirations: Finish high school, major in business and make videos.
Favorite subject: English.
Views on the World: Many of the World’s problems need to be addressed globally instead of just inside one nation.
Quote: "I would rather burn fast and brightly then not at all".

Bridget Henley
Likes: Food - especially cheesecake, rugby, movies, music and drama.
Dislikes: Peas
Aspirations: To travel around the world and learn as many languages as possible.
Favourite movie: Emperors New Groove
Idol: Martha Stewart
Quote: “When life hands you lemons say ‘I like lemons, what else ya got?”

Wayne Chafe
School: Booth Memorial
Favourite colour: Blue but hates pink.
Views on the world: We all need to work together to create change.
Movies: Day of the thunder
Aspirations: To become an electrical engineer
Hobbies: Making things to give them dimensions.
Likes: Having fun and not being stressed out.

Katie Tucker
School: Holy Heart
Dislikes: Pop music and ignorant people.
Hobbies: Writing and making origami.
Aspirations: To write a novel.
Favorite movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hedwig and the angry inch, Amelie and The Boondock Saints
Favourite colour – Red and black, but she hates yellow.