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Having Written
By: Ashleigh V., SNN Senior Editor, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, Manitoba

I recently read this great For Better or Worse comic, by Lynn Johnson, in the funnies. The oldest son is a journalist and the comic strip in the past week had shown him trying to get an article in on time. The other strips were hilarious, I could relate to every one, but this one stands out in my mind the most.

It shows the boy dancing around his apartment, finished article in hand, yelling “YAHOO!” at the top of his lungs. His girlfriend comes in and says,

“You must really love writing to be that happy.”

“Actually, it’s having written that’s so great,” he replies.

That is so true! If you look at the writing process; gathering information isn’t always that much fun, and scrambling to make sense days before the deadline can be the ultimate in stress. But, no matter how awful it seems getting there, having the finished copy in hand is a feeling like none other.

Just recently I finished an article that I thought wasn’t going to get done on time. I sat down hoping to type out something coherent. Suddenly, I was in a furor of typing and in 20 minutes, I had a good article almost ready to hand in. I walked to my next class with a goofy grin on my face. People must have thought I was high or something. But it didn’t matter, I had finished my article.

I had written.

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