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Just to clear things up...
By: Amanda L., Westgate Collegiate, Thunder Bay, ON

Kids are all the same

Face it: In the adult world teenagers will always be seen as self-absorbed, phone-crazed, promiscuous, TV addicted, alcohol craving, deviants. All right, maybe that's an exaggeration of an adult's perception but the truth lies very close to it. Nobody likes being labelled - especially teenagers.

We as teens like to go off on self-righteous campaigns to proclaim our individuality and independence to the world. Look at it this way though, if millions of teens weren't out there getting pregnant, glued to the TV, and driving drunk then adults couldn't look down at us. Unfortunately, teenagers everywhere must pay the price for their peers and put up with thesekind of negative stereotypes.

Most adults tend to only see the badthings our generation does and seem to be totally oblivious of the positive contributions that teens make to their communities. It is probably a little known fact to many that there are many teen organizations today that do all sorts of good deeds such as food drives, and donations charities. Some of the world's greatest accomplishments, as a matter of fact, came from teens. For example, Bill Gates began programming computers in his teens before launching Microsoft - the world's biggest computer company.

In closing, stereotypes come from some where. A great deal of teens are acting like juveniles so I guess we've earned a bad reputation. On the other hand, overreacting adults also contribute to our so called unacceptable image(I guess they forgot what it is like to be 17).

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