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Unplug the Television, Please!
By: Liam S., Age 10, Grade 5, St. Anne's Elementary School, Peterborough, ON

Oh, television. I like you sometimes, but you know, you cause a lot of problems. Television, can turn your mind of beauty ~ to plain zombie dust.

What would you rather be --- a normal, happy person OR a lazy, grumpy couch potato? If you chose a normal, happy person congratulations; but, if you chose a lazy, grumpy couch potato -- ah, think for yourself BLOCKHEAD!!!

I'm simply going to write about that invention that keeps you away from more important things like the "H" word ..... HOMEWORK. Think about television while reading this. Enjoy!!

My first topic may sound stupid, but some people waste their whole lives by being a......"COUCH POTATO". If you don't know what a couch potato is, here's my definition:lazy, inactive, grumpy and, of course, eternally tired. There you go, I'd say it's a good definition. Don't you agree? Ah, sorry, I forgot to mention in the definition, popcorn eating. Also, to remind you, a couch potato is a very bad thing to become, or to be.

Here's something I agree with, that television is, well, not all that bad. Come on, don't tell me there's no educational, interesting and intelligent shows out there! Such as, Canada: A People's History, Inquiring Minds, and of course, any sort of news. Oh, don't get discouraged you 5-9 year olds, there's Arthur, PMK, and the Magic School Bus coming your way.

Now, the world without television, would be "Peace Prone", if you know what I mean. No, don't think that television would be the only reason for mischief in society. Saying that, I might back down on that "Peace Prone" saying of mine. Look, all I am trying to say is, the world WOULD be at least a bit better if television was not here.

There you have it. Television's expanation, at it's best. Television, don't let it warp, fry or brainwash your mind. Related to the introduction, "I like you sometimes". That could have been I like you, but then I thought about commercials and of course that turned me right off. Ah, sorry -- got to go. The T.V. is talking.....Got you, I'm just joking.

So remember, drop that remote! Thanks.

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