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Wrap It Up
Jessica R., SNN Editor, Cole Harbour High School, Cole Harbour, NS

Stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word or our epistle (2 thess. ii. 15). This is a quote on the meaning of tradition but what exactly is tradition? I mean where did it come from? Who started it and why? What does this quote really mean? Who knows, maybe it means that we should hold on to our traditions like Woody. Who would Woody be you ask. Well you see, at Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia we have an amazingly large tree named Woody. He is three levels high (mall wise) and he has been greeting little children ever since I was a knee high to a grasshopper and he still hasnít lost his magical touch. He is exquistely decorated from star to tree stand and his eyes and mouth move slowly. He is just one of our many traditions here in the Dartmouth area.

Our community as you may have experienced before in your own community, silently unites for Christmas. Maybe itís the Christmas spirit that makes people act differently, who knows, but it brings out the best in the sometimes nasty people we have to deal with. Here in the Metro area we have a Christmas parade which is usually spectacular. I, unfortunately did not get the chance to attend this year. We also have our annual tree lighting ceremony in Halifax. Itís amazing how many people show up for the hot chocolate and apple cider. The tree which is decorated from top to bottom brings pride to everyoneís heart (despite the cold) but not all Nova Scotians are dumb enough to stand around in the cold for an hour or so waiting for them to light an immensely oversized tree. The younger generation wouldnít be caught dead there because they would rather be out partying, or exchanging gifts. We feel the need to be really cheap (in a sense) and we donít spend too much money on gifts (mainly because the larger portion of us donít work) so we may end up just pulling names out of a tuque and buying one gift instead of ten or more. It saves a lot of money and is more popular today than ever before. I can remember pulling names out of a hat in elementary and my mom buying the gift, but in high school these days itís just an unwanted, unnecessary grievance that we donít need, so we donít exchange gifts anymore.

The traditions donít end there. What about your family? The ones you love and the ones you hate. You come together despite all your differences and start up those old traditions. My family always has a little get together Christmas eve and if we have Christmas dinner at somebodyís house the host cookís the turkey and ham. All the guests have to bring something else that is edible. We have fun and laughter until way past midnight, but itís all good. Isnít it even better when a lost relative comes home with bundles of Christmas joy (which equals gifts) and cheer (which equals more gifts) but the true question is: Do you deserve what you are getting for Christmas? How often do we ask ourselves that? Probably never. It just made me think that we have all this luxury and others have nothing.

Christmas Daddies thinks of others in this somethimes lonely season. This is an annual telethon that is televised on ATV during December. They get a tremendous amount of support because we can relate because it hits closer to home and if we continue to support them, in our time of need they will support us because what goes around comes around in full force.

All I have to say is ďWill you mock at an ancient tradition begun upon an honorable respect (Shak.) I know I canít.

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