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By: Jill B., St. Stephens High, St. Stephen, NB

Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, ADIDAS are all words which the majority of people today recognize with ease. These are all really expensive brands that give a product a name. Why is there so much pressure to be a walking billboard in the present world's society?

When a young person starts at a new school, such as St. Stephens (SSHS) High, the pressure to fit in is overwhelming. Many feel that in order to become "popular" and accepted they must sport expensive brands. Often students lacking the names end up in the situation of being alienated from others which is very unfortunate. A person truly wonders why this scenario occurs so often?

The problem does not only include brand names but also stereotypes. If a person does not have a common hairstyle or appearance in general they usually become a figure of ridicule.

Fortunately here at SSHS these pressures are by far less intense. More and more people are becoming true to themselves and being their own person. Less people have the desire to impress others by any means, especially dress.

Why bother forking out the extra cash to become an advertisement? Many of these brand name companies have sweatshops where children work for pennies a day. Brands allow their consumers to become just a face in their crowd. Why not be a unique individual and be yourself?

Overall fellow members of SSHS should not be afraid to be different. Difference openly expresses a strong individual who has their own road to follow, not everyone else's.

This article was orginally printed in the Spartan News, St. Stephens High.

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