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Continuing On with Point of Grace
By:Cheryl D., Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, MB ON

For avid listeners of Point of Grace, their album, Steady On did not disappoint. This pop group, called the 'hottest' group in Christian music" by The New York Times Magazine is continuing to connect with fans everywhere through their music.

The music recorded for Steady On is pop and easy listening, but within that it still contains a large variety. This female quartet has a natural blend, which makes for beautiful tuning and excellent tone. Backed up by percussion and synthesizer, the melodies produced are outstanding in quality. Ranging from slow to fast and quiet to upbeat, the songs provide enjoyment for all their fans.

Point of Grace has a unique way of choosing tracks to record. The singers do not write their own music, but rather they listen to other charts already written. When they hear a song that they know is tailor made for them, they take it to record. Through this process, they use a variety of composers and achieve a diversity that they like. Their interpretations of the music are very good, always capturing the mood of the lyrics in their vocals. One aspect of their songs that really makes the difference for many listeners is the arrangement of the lyrics. In Who am I?, the words from the familiar hymns Amazing Grace and Marvelous Grace are put together in a beautiful prayer to God, thanking Him for His grace. It is very powerful to hear the old familiar words in new and fresh setting.

The whole idea of Point of Grace is to focus on God and lift praise to Him. Steady On does that in many ways. The lyrics of the songs are ‘real’. Sometimes there is rhyme, but first comes a text that makes complete sense. Through many different words, expressions, and combinations of notes, Steady On provides opportunities to come close to God.

The design of the cover and liner of this album make the listener feel very familiar with the group. There are a variety of photographs of the group, showing them in their different situations that they encounter each day, making them seem more like real people, and not just a famous quartet. Also, all the lyrics are included in the liner as well as some notes about the tracks. This is very helpful for a listener, as it is more common to listen to a song over and over once the lyrics are familiar.

The most obvious strength in this album is the unique way in which Point of Grace has a large variety in their music, and yet their own characteristics are still highlighted in each song. They continue to have a pop style, which makes their music relaxed and easy to listen to, but the lyrics are not just relaxed. They hold deep meaning and can be a great source of encouragement to a listener.

I was a little bit disappointed with the arrangement of one of the tracks, Better Days. The beginning starts off wonderfully. It has a slow, reflective section and then moves into a faster section. Unfortunately, the movement into the end of the piece does not match the rest, and it does not match the voices of the group. The whole vocal quality and excellent tuning that Point of Grace does so well is lost in this section. Overall, this album is amazing! It creates a mood of praise and worship while incorporating the pop sound so many look for in a group. Point of Grace is touching many lives through Steady On.

This group has produced a website where fans can become more acquainted with the group and their music. They can be found at

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