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Blue Christmas
By: Nechemus, written for the Aborginal Youth Network

It seems the older I get the less Christmas means to me. As a child I remember looking forward to decorating the tree, buying special gifts for family and friends, looking forward to momís stuffing and all the family getting together at Kokomís. Christmas was a break from school, a time of music and play. Having a white Christmas was a blessing.

Today, the more people I talk to send the same resounding message of Christmas blues. Many people like myself can barely afford gifts this year, and yes of course "Itís the thought that counts" however the thought of my bank statement makes me cringe. For the first year, I have not decorated my own tree and while shopping the other day for a few small gifts I backed up into another car. There goes my Christmas budget, hopefully her family needs the Christmas money more than I do. I hate to be the voice of gloom. So here I sit trying to figure out what does Christmas mean to me?

It makes me evaluate my blessings in life. The simple things that one tends to overlook because we have not lost them yet.

My Kokom & Mosom are still alive, which also gives me a place to go home for Christmas. I have a home that is warm and food in my cupboards. I have friends who care about me. My life is free from addictions, disease and abuse. Yes, all simple things which I take for granted even though my life was not always so.

Perhaps if I were to help another less fortunate than I, my Christmas would not appear to be so blue!

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