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It’s Not Easy Being Blonde
By: Crystal C., Westgate CVI, Thunder Bay, ON

There’s White-Out all over the computer screen. A blonde is standing near by, and a brunette sitting at the desk. Who do you think is responsible for the white marks on the screen?

The answer is neither. One of the guys in the office thought it would be fun to play a joke on the women, and he painted the screens of all the blondes, brunettes and red heads on the floor because he is a big fan of blonde jokes.

Blonde jokes. We hear them everyday. Some of them are really funny. But have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, blondes can be smart? Well, here’s some news for you. They can be. I mean it. There is such a concept as smart blondes.

Not all blondes have nothing but air in their heads. I know this because the person sitting next to me as I write this is a blonde, and she’s not an airhead. In fact, she’s an opinionated, A-average journalist for our school newspaper. But maybe that’s not enough proof for you. So, I’ll give you a few examples.

Did you know that the majority of Playboy models, the epitome of blond bombshells, have master’s degrees and PhD’s? That’s right. Only the best brains get to be bunnies.

Lisa Kudrow, everyone’s favourite Friend, has a degree in biology from Vassar, an extremely prestigious university in the United States. She was going to do research for her father, a headache specialist, before Jon Lovitz encouraged her to take acting classes. If she hadn’t returned to California, she’d be Dr. Kudrow instead of Phoebe. Her friends even call her Einstein.

Kim Campbell, Canada’s first female prime minister, is a blonde. So is Hillary Clinton, who is a senator for New York. She has a law degree from Yale, and before she was First Lady, she was a professor at the University of Arkansas Law School, and an attorney and partner of Rose Law firm.

Now that you know that smart blondes do exist, I hope you take a moment to get to know a blonde before you assume she’s an airhead. Genetics determines intelligence, and unless it comes from a bottle, your hair colour as well. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that although sometimes they say dumb things (we all do), blondes might have something intelligent to say.

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