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Backstreet's Back
By:Rebecca B., Grade 12, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, MB ON

Kevin, Howie, Brian, A.J. and Nick...boys who cause teenage girls to scream, faint, and spend their hard earned money on concert tickets are back with their third Canadian release Millennium. The Backstreet Boys, previously been classified as a "boy band", have extended their repertoire on the new album, and take pop music to a whole new level.

While they still include the bubblegum pop tracks and syrupy love songs, their melodies and lyrics now have a whole lot more meaning and heart behind them. The boys are not only exploring uncharted territories with the music, they are also taking some new challenges themselves. Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell both have songs on the album that they have written or co-written.

The track that sticks out the most as being something new for the boys is Don't Want You Back. While we are used to hearing love songs that talk about caring or yearning for someone, Don't Want You Back expresses feelings of anger towards someone who has used another person. It tells them that they will not take them back, and that they are better off without them.

Nick Carter shows off his fully matured voice in the soulful love song I Need You Tonight. Carter commented that he now actually likes his voice. We do too. Songs like Back To Your Heart will extend the bandís audience. While many of their fans are teenage girls, this album is sure to reach out to an older audience, with such deep and touching songs as The Perfect Fan, which Littrell wrote for his mom.

Millennium is very enjoyable and easy listening, but almost too easy. The ballads by far outweigh the upbeat tracks and by the end of the album, you might need a little nudge to make sure you are still awake. Show Me The Meaning is a very balanced song because you hear from each of the boys, including Kevin, who isn't very often featured in a lead part, singing a lead.

That is one thing that I would like to hear more from the boys, songs that are balanced with all the voices and not just one, like Nicks solo I Need You Tonight.

The Backstreet Boys are still young and they have many years ahead of them to perfect their style and while they do it, I'm sure the fan base will keep on growing at an exponential rate.

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