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Lesson Plan #6 -
Sample Opinion Article by SNN Reporter

Note: We recommend that you print this article and distribute it to your students.

Piercings do not make us bad people
By Jessie Kidd, Hope Secondary School, Hope, British Columbia

"Oh my, look at her." "She's a bad kid!" "She must be a drug addict." "I bet she steals!"

These are all things that I hear being said about me while I innocently walk down the street. Why, you ask? Well, it is because I like to have piercings.

I am a good person. I help out whenever I can and I enjoy it. Yet, anywhere I go I see people looking at me like I am going to steal something. Little old ladies get scared and cross the street when they see me coming.

I get frustrated when people assume that I do drugs all the time because I am a teenager with six piercings. I don't see how people can judge me and say that just because I have piercings I do drugs all the time. I have known drug addicts that haven't even had their ears pierced.

Teenagers are not the only people who get piercings. People in their 20's, 30's, and 40's can be
seen with piercings as well. Even though they are adults, taking care of themselves, making a living, people will still stare and make rude comments.

Most people, yes even those with piercings, are good people. I do not get in trouble with the law or even with my parents. In fact, my mother has told me that if I were to take out my piercings, I wouldn't be me.

The curious people are almost as bad as the judgmental ones. I get questions like, "did that hurt?" and "why did you do that?" all the time. Well, to tell people everywhere right here and now, no, they did not hurt. If they had hurt me, I wouldn't have kept getting more. I am not sadistic. I don't like pain! For the next question, why do I do it? Personally, I think they look good. They give a person character.

I have liked body piercings for years now. I was seven years old when I wanted my first piercing and 13 years old when I got it done. I don't think people should go out and have something pierced just because it is the "trendy" thing to do at the moment. The more people get pierced, the less original it is. I did not put rings in my body because everyone else was doing it but because I wanted to.

I could just as easily judge people who do not have piercings by saying that they must be boring or that they are goody-goodies, but I don't. What a person wears and looks like is not the important thing. What is important is how the person acts. No matter how clichéd this phrase is, it is totally true and people should live by it, "don't judge a book by its cover!"


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