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Lesson Plan #12

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Critical Writing: Arts Reviews

Grades 7 to 12

Language Arts, Journalism, Arts, Music

Each year, English teachers will ask their students to write book reports, essays that review and critique a novel that they are studying in class. If your students approach book reports with limited enthusiasm, you might want to try another way to introduce the concepts of critical writing. Using the SchoolNet News Network's website: http://www.snn-rdr.ca/snn/ with this lesson plan will encourage your students to become arts and entertainment writers!




1. Give out copies of Comparison of Book Review and Arts/Entertainment. List points to be covered in a book report. Compare that with what needs to be covered in doing an article.

. Handout reviews by SNN Student Reporters. Ask student to review the article and discuss whether the article follows the guidelines as outlined in Comparison of Book Review and Arts/Entertainment.

3. Ask students to select a book/cd/art/performance of their choice (or teachers choice). Do assignment sheet for students. Review with students the components of writing an article (see SNN Writing Guide).

Their article should answer the 5 W's: Who, What, When, Where, Why (and sometimes How). Tell them about the inverted pyramid. This means that articles should be written with the most important information first and the least important last.

4. WRAP-UP/ HOMEWORK: Students are to do a review on subject chosen by them on the assignment sheet. They are to use the information provided in Comparison of Book Review and Arts/Entertainment and SNN Writing Guide.

Reviews can be submitted to their own school newspaper or an online youth ezine for publication.


Students will be evaluated on in-class participation and their written book/entertainment review.


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