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Junior Lesson Plan #8

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Search for Key Words

Grades K to 3

Reading, writing


  • Copies of local newspapers



1. Start your class by developing a list of ten words within your students' existing vocabulary. Ask them to look through the SNN Monthly Editions or their local newspaper and try to find those words in newspaper headlines or use the newspaper as a way to introduce new words. Here's an example:

the word:
Write down the sentence:
sun _____________________________________________
will _____________________________________________
good _____________________________________________
today _____________________________________________
doctor _____________________________________________
police _____________________________________________
town _____________________________________________
win _____________________________________________
up _____________________________________________
go _____________________________________________

. Ask students to write their own stories, featuring some of the words they've recognized or learned through this exercise. They may all be using the words "police", "town" and "good" but they are likely to come up with completely different stories!

3. WRAP UP: When students are finished writing their story they can share them with the class.



Students will be evaluated on their ability to find and write the words chosen by the teacher and their use of those words in a short story.






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