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Junior Lesson Plan #7

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Writing About Endangered Species:
A Web Scavenger Hunt

Grades 3 to 6

Science, Language Arts, Journalism, Computer Technology

Students explore wildlife conservation by investigating species that are near extinction. Students conduct a web scavenger hunt to locate information on these species. Once enough information is gathered, students create an informational poster as well as a one-paragraph presentation on their selected species and why they are endangered.




1. As a class, discuss the issue of endangered species in Canada. Focus the discussion on the following questions:

  • What do humans do to endanger natural habitats of other living creatures?
  • How do activities such as mining, pollution, agriculture, and recreation impact the natural habitats of various species?

. Distribute to students a copy of Kimberley B.ís article, then divide students into pairs or groups of three. Allow each group to select an animal species that is nearing extinction. Students must find 2 different sites on the Internet talking about their species while providing photographs of it. Students should get a clean sheet of paper, write down the following questions and then write the answer down next to the question

  • The name of the species and a photo
  • Where can this speciesí habitat be found?
  • What are the causes of this species's endangerment?
  • Why have these activities endagered the species?
  • What actions have been taken towards the conservation of this species?

3. The amount of information collected and the length of the article will depend on the age group of the class.

Part 1 - Each student is to write a news or feature article that profiles his chosen species and why it is in danger. They must cite the Web address (or book, magazine, etc) where they found the information.

Part 2 - As a class, students will design several posters about endangered species - photos, titles and one sentence or short paragraph about a species.



Students will be evaluated based on written journal information, correct citation of Web addresses, participation in classroom discussions, their poster and profile about a chosen endangered species.






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