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Junior Lesson Plan #3

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My community: A descriptive writing activity

Grades 1 to 6

Language Arts, Journalism, Current Events, History, Social Studies, Art

What makes your community special? In this lesson students will compose a newspaper article to encourage people to visit their area. Use SchoolNet News Network to look at student articles, learn more about journalism skills and connect with students/teachers throughout Canada.


  • SNN Writing Guide (for reference)
  • Copies of local newspapers, travel guides, magazines, etc



1. Teacher will discuss with class the elements of writing an article from the SNN Writing Guide focussing on the five Ws of News.

. Research information about your community through local travel guides, newspapers, internet. Here are some questions that could be answered in your article:

  • What resource/industry brought people to the community? What industry is there now?
  • What historic sites can visitors see?
  • What is the scenery like? (rivers, trees, parks)
  • What services can be found in the community? (hospital, police, schools, theatres, shopping malls)
  • What major cities are close to the community?
  • What activities are available? (swimming, tennis, hockey, music, art)
Teachers can have each student focus on a specific question or include as many as they can. Furthermore, it is left to the discretion of the teacher whether the students write about a community or several communities in the same area.

3. In doing their research, students should examine the local newspaper, travel guides and magazines for photos or headlines they can use in their article. Once students have gathered information and photos for their articles, they should each write their own article using vivid words and images to entice tourists to visit their community. The article should include a heading, a descriptive text about their community (number of words and information will depend on the grade level) and a picture they have drawn, photographed, or cut out.

4. WRAP UP/HOMEWORK: Students are to write a descriptive profile article about their community. Their articles can also be submitted to their own school newspaper for publication.



Students will be evaluated on the research done and a well-written descriptive article about their community.






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