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Junior Lesson Plan #2 - Article By SNN Reporter

Note: We recommend that you print this article and distribute it to your students.

Students turn trash into cash through recycling
By Megan (Grade 5), St. Kevin's Elementary, Goulds NF

Recycling at St. Kevin's School in Goulds, Newfoundland has been a very important part of our fundraising. It is also a big part in helping our environment. The things we collect are: cans, plastic bottles and tetra packs.

So far this year we have had four bi-weekly collections. Recycling has been going on for two years in our school and so far has been very successful. In recycling there is also a benefit for the students. If you bring four items into our school every two weeks your name goes in for a prize draw.

Some prizes include: McDonald's certificates and movie rentals. At the end of the term the class with the highest average in primary, elementary and junior high gets a pizza party.

This year, our school has raised over $500 and collected 16,598 bottles and cans. The students would like to thank everyone for their support, including the dedicated group of parents who sort and bag these recycling items each week.

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