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Junior Lesson Plan #11

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Profiles in Courage and Character

Grades 4 to 6

Language Arts, Journalism, Current Affairs, Computer Technology

In this lesson, students will be writing a profile article on someone they admire in their community or elsewhere. This will allow them to further develop their writing and research skills.




1. Begin the class by talking about someone who inspires you as a teacher and why. Discuss the following questions, written on the board prior to class:

  • What does it mean to admire another person?
  • What qualities do you find particularly admirable?
  • Whom can you think of, either alive or not, as the embodiement of these admirable characteristics, and why?

. Ask students to each select a person they greatly admire. They can choose a person from the world of sports, entertainment, politics, science, music, the community, the fine arts or another field that interests them. Here are some questions students should think about concerning that person:

  • What obstacles did this person overcome in his/her life?
  • What personality traits are attributed to the person and how might they have helped him/her to succeed in the face of adversity?
  • What qualities does this person exemplify?
Read to your students the article by Danielle Gélinas.

3. Tell students to write this person's name at the top of a blank piece of paper. Ask students to write down, for approximately ten minutes, what they know about their subjects. Ask students to include qualities that they find admirable in this person, along with specific stories, examples and facts about that person to support their statements.

4. Students will do research on the person of their choice through the Internet, newspapers, magazines, etc. If they are going to profile someone close to home, they can do a personal interview. Prior to the interview, have them compile a list of questions they would like to ask. Arrange to meet in person if possible and advise them to take notes as they talk or use a tape recorder to tape the interview.

5. WRAP UP/HOMEWORK: Students write a profile article on their subject by telling readers the facts of this person's life while adding the colour and details that make them unique. Students should also make sure to show where they've found their information, whether it's in an encyclopaedia in the library, a book at home, an article on a Web site or directly from the interview with the person.

Once completed, students can share their stories in class. They can also send their articles to their own school newspaper for publication.


Students will be evaluated on their in-class participation and a well-written profile article.






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