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Video: Public Speaking.

When most people think of public speaking they think of sweaty hands, lack of oxygen and "nausea" . But despite the negative thoughts everyone has on public speaking, it's well worth the three minutes of being nervous.

Working on a speech improves a persons writing and social skills. In the future young people can carry these extra skills to work, public gatherings and other endeavours they hope to overcome. Teachers who encourage students to speak publicly may be teaching the student more than they realize.

Standing up to be heard in front of a crowd of people with expressionless faces may seem like a nightmare, but, once you've finished your speech, it's an unforgettable accomplishment. Public speaking teaches students to take a stand and voice their opinions. Without organized speak-offs for youth they would never develop such good writing and speaking skills.

Mrs. Rankin, an English teacher at Roncalli, feels youth involvement in public speaking is an important part of their education. She says speeches, "teach students to formulate thoughts and express themselves when they feel strongly about something" Rankin also adds that speeches, "improve confidence levels and force people to think on their feet."

Speak-offs also allow students to enter competitions that show others their skills. Students that may not be good at sports or math will find a sense of pride in public speaking. Everyone knows "practice makes perfect" so unless these competitions continue youth will never overcome that "nausea" felt when they are standing in front of an audience. It's important that young people express their views and deal with fears now, so they can accomplish anything they want to when they reach the "real world".

Lily Smallwood, a level II student at Roncalli High says, "Speeches can be scary and most people feel a little nervous, but the more you speak the less worried you get about them."

So the next time you are asked to stand up alone and tell others what you think, do it. You'd be giving yourself more than a few minutes of worrying, you'd actually be giving yourself a chance at a better future.


Roncalli Central High, Port Saunders, NF


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  • Good video. A very entertaining and effective article.

  • Once we get into the specifics of this piece, it's quite effective -- though we seem to bounce back and forth between it being reporting and being commentary. The writer has some sources who make good points about the benefits of public speaking, so I'd suggest the writer quote them more and report what THOSE people say on the topic, rather than speaking directly as an advocate. We could also uses a specific "setting" or "context" -- is there a local school club that's using public speaking this way? a competition that's being held? If we make it more specific, it makes the more general points more vivid and real. On a technical note, a journalist should be careful about saying what "most people" or "everyone" think, unless there's solid proof and not just an assumption.

  • Great article. Very convincing and entertaining piece. Some of the audio was a bit distorted, so that is something to watch for. Also perhaps for a cleaner sound, make sure your microphone is closer to your subject.

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