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Activity # 9

Turning News into history newspaper
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The headlines and articles on the front page of today's newspaper will wind up in the history books of the future. The same is true for the television and radio reports, the documentary films, the photos, and the electronic news that's archived on the Internet.

How would your students explain a current news story to the next generation of students?


Classroom Activity
Get your students to try this exercise:

  1. As your students to choose a story that's been in the news recently. Collect information from various news outlets — including newspapers, television broadcasts, radio, and online publications.

  2. Have them write a 500-word entry for a history book in 2056. Explain what happened, introduce the key players, add details and context, and add in opinions from various people on why things went the way they did.

  3. Add a list of resources like books, magazines, Web pages and photos that will help the reader of the future understand the story.


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