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Activity #2

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A Profile From Your Family Family

Overview of Activity

Show and Tell is a regular event in most primary school classrooms. Here's a journalism-inspired variation on the theme: the interview.

Encourage your students to go home after school and interview someone in their family. The goal is to have them ask the questions and collect the information they'll need to tell their classmates a story. The questions could be geared to their age and ability to record information.

For younger students, the questions could include:

  • What's your mother's (father, sister or brother) favorite color?
  • Does she like cats or dogs?
  • What food would she like to have for a special occasion?

For older students, they could be expanded to included:

    • What's your father's (mother, sister or brother) clearest memory from when he was in school?
    • What did he do on his summer holidays as a child?
    • Who was his best friend when he was a child?
    • Ask him about the moment when he was most proud of you.

The students can take turns telling the class about what they found out through their interviews. The stories can be told from memory or the students can write down as much as they can on paper.

Here is a a worksheet for Family Profile that your students can use:

Activity 2

Write a profile of your family!



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