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Using journalism to teach French Immersion

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When French immersion teachers are looking for new ways to develop their students' language skills, they can draw on the educational resources available through SNN's French counterpart, Rédaction de Rescol. chalk board

The RDR web site features French versions of all the classroom resources and lesson plans that appear in SNN's In the Classroom section.


Here are a few ideas you can use in your classroom:

1. Use activities from RDR's Dans la salle
French Immersion teachers can take the projects and assignments from RDR's Dans la salle de classe section and tailor them to the language skills of their students. That could mean using lessons plans and activities that are slightly below the students' current grade level since they are primarily designed for francophone students.

For example, the exercise that asks students to interview their family members may be appropriate for a Grade Two student whose first language is French. However, an immersion student may not be ready for that activity until Grade 5. Since many parents of French immersion students do not themselves speak French, the student may have to conduct the interview in English and translate the responses into French. Or the questionnaire can be adapted so the students can interview each other in French.


2. Translating stories
Immersion students at the junior high and high school level could test their comprehension of French by translating stories in an edition of RDR from French to English.

Teachers could select a story from a section of RDR and ask the class to translate the text, preserving the tone and context. Then, the class could examine their translations and explore the nuances of the two languages and the differences in the way they interpreted the material.


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