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Activity # 12

Surveying the land and sea

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The world is out there for your students to discover and journalism is a great way to help them learn about it.

As young journalists, they can trek around the globe and explore interesting places and geographical issues. Then, they can write stories and share what they've learned with a broader audience.


Here are some projects that your students can try as they learn more about geography:


Longitude and latitude
Find a community in another country that lies on the same latitude or longitude as your home town. Use this commonality as a starting point and then explore the similarities and differences in your geography. For example, find out about the terrain, the waterways, the geology, the vegetation, the wildlife and the weather and see how it compares to your part of the world. Talk to a scientist about why the differences exist.

Human impact on the land
Natural forces have done so much to change the landscape -- erosion, glaciers, floods and volcanic activity. But people have also done their share to change the face of the land. Explore the impact that humans beings have had on the landscape by developing settlements, re-routing rivers, creating dams, filling in waterways, draining bogs, and mining for natural resources.


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