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Activity # 11

Reporting on developments in science

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  • Computer Health Problems.
    Your students are part of a generation of kids who have grown up pounding away at computer keyboards. But does that put them at risk for Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal Tunnel disease and other injuries related to using computers? Are young computer users less likely to get hurt than adults? Encourage your students to talk to some of the regulars in the computer lab. Are they feeling any pain? What about a local physiotherapist or doctor who specializes in RSI?

  • Weird and wild life.
    Is your part of the country home to some weird wild life -- a plant, animal, bird, or fish that just doesn't appear anywhere else? Who discovered it? What makes it unusual? Is it a rare species or an officially endangered one? Encourage your students to get out a video camera or regular camera and shoot some pictures of the animal or plant in its regular habitat. Suggest that they talk to local experts about the history and unique qualities of the subject.

  • Archeology discoveries
    Across Canada, archeologists have unearthed the secrets to our country's history -- and pre-history. In Newfoundland, scientists have discovered fossils in a riverbed in Manuels, just outside St. John's, and they've found a historic settlement that dates back to the 1700's in nearby Ferryland. In Alberta and Saskatchewan, archeologists have discovered the trail of dinosaurs that stomped over the Prairies millions of years before. What has been dug up in your part of Canada? Your students could visit a site and bring back their own eye-witness account of the site, complete with interviews with the people who made these discoveries.

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