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Here are some additional resource links you can use in various curriculum:

Important Moments in Canadian History
Canadian Trivia
Oh Canada!
The Great Canadian History Page
Women in Canadian History
Teaching Canadian History
The CRB Heritage Project
History Television
Old News
Canadian History by Canadian Online


The Why Files
Sounds Like Science
Discover Magazine Online
American Scientist Magazine
Scientific American
Ontario Science Centre
The Virtual Science Centre Homepage
The National Museum of Science and Technology
Canadian Innovation Centre
Access Excellence
The Society for Amateur Scientists


4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources for Geography
Geography World
Geography World Wide Web Resources
6 billion Human Beings
Geography Educators' Network of Indiana - lesson plans
The Weather Classroom
GeoGame: An interactive game for the web
World Time: Interactive Atlas
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Earth Science II


FRENCH (websites devoted to french journalism)

Les journaux canadiens
Le Réseau Éducation-Médias
Radio-Canada - Zone Jeunesse
Jeunes Journalistes
Étude de cas - création d'un journal scolaire
Lire Français
Journaux de jeunes


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