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Exciting Tour in Quebec
By: Lynn F., Senior 4, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, NF

GVC French student, Jacqui Friesen, tells us her thoughts about the upcoming French tour

"Astu parlé français?"

Hopefully all the Garden Valley Collegiate students who are going to Quebec in May will be able to answer "Oui" to this question, or they are in trouble.

Senior 3 student Jacqui Friesen thinks she knows her french enough to go along with 15 other students on the Senior French Tour.

In Quebec, the group will visit museums, restaurants, and architectural sites.

"See what it's like out there," is how Friesen sums up the tour's schedule.

Friesen states that going to the amusement park La Ronde located in Montreal will be the tour highlight. Going to a new place often causes culture shock and Friesen expects that she will experience some. "Everybody there is speaking a different language than I speak everyday," comments Friesen. However, she believes it will be an interesting experience, just because she's used to Manitoba.

"I think that it will be well worth (the money that the trip costs)," comments Friesen. She has no worries about the trip, except understanding the people who speak to her. It will be a learning experience.

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