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By: Amanda L., Westgate Collegiate, Thunder Bay, ON

Artist: Lifehouse
Album: No Name Face

Listening to the spinning piece of plastic in my machine I tried to sum up what I was hearing on Lifehouse's debut album No Name Face. I couldn't quite put it into words but I believe Jason Wade lead vocals and guitar sums it up best by saying:"It's about trying to find out for yourself who you're supposed to be - your purpose, your destiny in the world." I couldn't agree more.

It was very refreshing to actually listen to some music without an electronic hook or manufactured anger spewing out. This is one album where you don't have to skip around to find the good songs, you can just kick back and press play. The sound, although, quite mellow is very captivating.

The lyrics also contain a lot of feeling and truth but are left open for your own interpretation. Its real and you can relate. There is just the right balance of emotion in them as so they do not come off as cheesy or overdone. Jason's voice also adds a haunting touch to the songs. No Name Face, has real sentiment and passion, unlike most of the current music today.

Best Tracks: My favourite songs on the album are Breathing and Everything. Their melancholy rhythm really hooks into you. No Name Face is one of those albums that can put everything into perspective and draw you back to reality.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 (nothing is perfect but this is close)

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