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CD Review: JAKE
By: Jenn W., Senior 4, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, MB

Have you ever bought a CD and, when you tried to listen to the words, found that you could not understand what was being said? The CD Jake, a self-debut, self-titled album, will not give you this problem. The words are very clear to understand and easy for a person to relate to.

The band consists of three brothers, Toby, Josh, and Marty Penner. The name Jake comes from the first name of both their Dad and Grandpa.

The music is Christian pop, with one song having a Latin twist to it. The instruments used include keyboard, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and drums. The voices all blend together to produce a natural mellow tone which brings the effect of wind flowing through the air.

All of the songs were written by the band members or with Eldon Winter, Chris Study and Chris Coulstring. Most of the lyrics make you feel really close to God because of the way He is being praised and uplifted. This band is the only band featured on the album.

The purpose of this CD is to spread the Word of God through song and music. Jake does a really good job of accomplishing this because the words really work with the music, creating a tune that will stick in your head.

This album is the bandís first recording. Their music is played on local Manitoba radio stations such as 94.3 FM, 95.1 FM, and 93.5 FM. The music is pretty original because the voice of the lead singer is quite unusual and the bass in the background adds richness to the music.

The album cover consists of the three brothers standing in front of a basketball net with the dark blue sky in the background. The song lyrics are all included with the CD.

One strength of this CD is how united the three brothers are through their voices. In the song, Right Time, their voices are soft and gentle. In the song Take My Heart Away, the boys sing with more excitement and joy, but always their voices blend together creating a rich and wholesome sound.

A weakness on this CD could be the difficulty of understanding the lyrics in some songs. In the song, Waiting it states: "You hide your face from me - where do you go when Iím hungry like a child?" Some may conclude that God is hiding his face, while others may think that it is a human hiding his face.

This album is really inspirational and relaxing to listen to. If you enjoy light pop with an occasional twist, this CD is great for you.

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