The Crescent Collegiate Coyotes
by Chris C., Crescent Collegiate, Whiteway, NF

The Coyotes, Crescent Collegiate’s hockey team, had a up and down year.

They started the year with a high school hockey tournament at Harbour Grace Stadium. They went 1-1-1, losing to Fogo, beating Roncalli, and tied Carbonear. Unfortunately, in the semi-finals they fell to Carbonear losing 4-3.

Next up for the team was the 4A league where they played against Carbonear, Roncalli, and Ascension schools. In their first two games they played against Carbonear, coming out of it with one win, one tie. Next they played against Roncalli, winning one and losing and losing one. The team went on to lose two games to Ascension Collegiate. Had they won a one game of the two in that match, they would have gone on to the next round. Too bad.

The Coyotes would have one last chance at a medal in the high school hockey league. It would be at their stadium. They played Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, and Placentia. They lost to both Holy Spirit and Holy Trinity but beat Placentia. Unfortunately, they did not make it to the Final Competition.

Our Coyotes did not finish the year with a winning record, but for their first time in competition, they did just fine.

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