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Hitchin' a Ride
By: Amanda L, Westgate Collegiate, Thunder Bay, ON

Disgusting. What is? City transportation, that's what. I'm not talking about the strange new routes the buses take now either (that's the least of my worries). I'm talking about what and whom you encounter riding the bus.


If you've never taken city transportation let me give you a visual of the lovely atmosphere you will experience while waiting to transfer to the wonderful machine that will take you to that out-of-walking-distance destination.

The smell is the first thing that will catch your attention when you step inside the waiting area at the terminal. It's not a real pleasant aroma either. This scent could be due to the fact these terminals have never seen a day free from a garbage covered ground.

Also, those strangers that make everlasting impressions on you as you wait for the bus. I'm sure everybody has made some sort of acquaintance with a passenger, whether it was wanted or not. These close encounters of the third kind are almost never a good thing.

It also seems that some of these "bus regulars" have developed their own language. I know I can't understand a word as they ramble on and make obscene gestures in my direction.

Lastly, if that isn't enough to keep you away the violence that goes on at the terminal should. There are many cases of beatings, stabbings, and other vile things that all take place at our transportation depots. So if you haven't taken the city bus then I'd advise you not to start and do yourself a favour. I know I'm not going to miss it when I get my licence soon.

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