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Beauty Queen
By: Leah M., Grade 10, Crescent Collegiate, Blaketown, NF

Society has never been so artificial as it is today. It seems that society today has such a big emphasis on beauty and looks that no one ever sees the real beauty inside a person. This beauty is hidden, in deep dark places. People are afraid to show their real feelings because magazines, television, and media tell them not to. They tell them the only way they will get a date is if you wear certain clothes with the latest makeup.

Beauty queen articles in magazines mesmerize people with the fact that you are a nobody if you don't look a particular way. That the only way you'll get ahead in life is if you're a "perfect 10".

As victims of this war, we need to speak out and let Hollywood stars and billboards stand alone. An example of this problem is an advertisement where two men are sitting in a public store trying to attract a woman. However, one man is wearing wire braces on his teeth and the other is wearing clear braces that cover his teeth but are invisible. The woman goes to the man with the clear braces. The point of the commercial is that women, in general, are attracted to men who have perfect teeth more than those who donít. Again, beauty over mind, dominates. This is showing people that if you donít have perfect teeth then you will never get an attractive woman.

This world that we live in is overrun with models, and beauty queens that tell us to buy their products to become more attractive, when this, over time, will not show any affects or difference. When will we all learn that the society we learn from is now made of plastic, silicone, and cheap chemicals that will affect us in our future to the extent that we will all be considered an ďartificial societyĒ.

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