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Painting English
By: Jennifer F., Roncalli Central High School, Port Saunders, NF


Video: Roncalli's Grade 8 Class Paintings

“The walls of your room are yours. You can paint what you want on them.” This is a quote from, “Chagall’s Christmas Gift,” a story which was read by the Grade 8 English classes of Roncalli Central High in Port Saunders, NF. It was this quote that inspired them to paint a wall of their classroom.

In March 2001, the two Grade 8 classes of 8-10 0 and 8-101 began painting a wall of their classroom with images of their own interpretations of the stories they have studied in their English class throughout the year.

“By painting images of our own views it helps us understand the stories we have learned and we have fun doing it ,” Grade 8 student Nikki Ryan noted of the project.

Grade 8 English teacher, Mrs. Rosland Rankin said, “ This is a great learning experience for the students. They get to learn more about the stories by painting there own creative translations.”

Mrs. Rankin also stated that she would like to keep the students paintings on the wall and add on to it next year with a different group of Grade 8's.

The methods of teaching English have definitely improved over the years . A writing course has progressed into an expression course where the students have fun and learn new things all at the same time.

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