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I Heard a Voice
By Kathleen D., Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Along a vibrant meadow blows,
a voice whispering upon the breeze.
A song of gentle tourniquet,
to bring your tired soul to ease.

To kiss your quiet eyes to rest,
to wake you in the morn.
To stitch the tender quilt of life
along the seam that has been torn.

In the light dancing across your face,
I gently touch your hand.
The feeling of sweet sanctuary
of toes buried in the sand.

A wind that keeps your heart to pound
to save you of the future nigh.
A kind reminder of the reason
to keep your spirits high.

Of why the voice takes the time
to cradle you to peace.

Of why I sit beside you
to keep your restless soul at ease:
To see the face of love and hope
lied across the grass.

To feel the pure sacred Heaven
of the morning mass.
The identical feeling
brought by family
to keep you safe
in infinite immortality.

Hold my hand
feel the power of choice,
close your eyes,
believe into the voice.

I'll give you strength
in the peace I'll bring

As we believe,
as the voice sings.


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