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By Kathleen D., Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Miles away
Haven't seen your face
but I know how you hurt
and how my heart does race

Oh how familiar
these thoughts are to me
I put my hands together
as I try to see.

And pray to God
Beg him so
that he may spare
me oh tender me

I couldn't pray
for the one
that disappeared in a wave
of mystery and utter shock

I tried to pray
For the one
that I knew only
in spirit

I wasted my prayers
for the one
that shattered my faith
and lied his life away

You I know
not to be the one
to lay down
and die

But as the one
that will survive
Breathing off a love
so deep and tender

For you have long prayed
For the ones
that held you dear
and softly

And now it's our turn to pray
For you
Though I know that silently
and subconsciously

You are praying
For you
to always be there for
the ones that make life worth living

You wouldn't throw that away
You won't give in
You are of
a never dying spirit

You believe
I believe
We must believe
And I know in the tender depths
of my soul
that you will survive
You must survive

Don't you leave me
Don't you leave us
Don't ever give in

I only remind you
Because I know you already know
You whisper silently
to your aching body
"For the sons
For the family"

Without your beautiful soul
Life would be so silent
So lifeless
Without your tender caress


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